Friday, March 26, 2010

Writing Exercise

Here I am. Stuck in my crib. Mommy laid me down with a smile and a lilting "nappy time honey". No nap no nap no nap, I chant hoping mommy will come back and realize what a bad idea it is for me to take nap. Its day time about one o'clock. So far today we have taking Abby to school.Abby is my big sister, she is fourteen. And she pretty much ignores me. Mommy says that what teenagers do. We came home and mommy read to me and I helped with the dishes and laundry and vaccumming. Mommy helped me use the big toilet but nothing happened even though I waited and waited. It was cold and uncomfortable and I started whining. Mommy sighed and let me off. Now I am here in my crib and I can feel myself beginning to drift. The sun and shadows are dancing across my wall hypnotizing and lulling me against my will. My name is Carter Ashton Tate, I am two years old..... My name is Carter Ashton Tate.. ANd I DON"T NEED A NAP!!!! But my eyes close anyway. I slip away floating in a velvety starry space. It seems like mere moments and then mommy is smiling down at me "wakey wakey my blue eyed boy!" She pushes my short red hair out of my bleary sleep filled eyes and smiles wide . Its snack time! I have your favorite! blueberries and sweet potato bread! She lifts me up. "Did my Car have a good Nap", she asks. "I knew you were tired"! She lifts me over the rail and sets me down on the wood floor. And I am off, chubby legs flying down the hall. Its SNACK TIME!

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