Sunday, March 28, 2010

Short Story (A Writing Exercise)

She adjusted his tie. I made some coffee, would you like me to pour you some she asked leaning back to see his face. "Just fill my thermos", he answered distractedly craning to peer over her head
at his phone and some "important" text or such. "Yes Dear" she murmered.
He left grabbing the thermos off the counter, "thanks hon" , he said his back towards her. He was gone again. She went about her normal day. The days had turned into months and months to years. She couldn't remember the last time he had really seen her. She didn't really know if she actually existed anymore. She pressed his shirts and hung them in the closet. Swept the floors, made the bed up with clean linens. Every once in a while she caught herself just standing there staring into space. She shook herself mildly annoyed and headed to the kitchen for a break. pouring herself a cup of coffee. She sat at the table gazing out the the window. It was a beautiful day but she didnt notice. The phone jangled on the wall, and for a moment she didnt notice that either. Then she quickly shook herself "awake" and grabbed the reciever. Randalls Residense she answered pleasently. Hon? I am bringing some co-workers home for dinner. I have to go now. Click. She stood holding the buzzing phone in her hand. How many? ANd well she wasn't at all prepared for this, It was Thursday and usually they went out for dinner on Thursdays. She brushed a light brown strand of hair from her clear green eyes and sighed. Well Then.

Hours later...
Brushing her hands off on her apron, she heard her husbands car pulling into the drive. The soft purr of the engine and then silence . Doors slammed muted in the fuzzy warm summers evening. There was laughter, And her husband coming in the door "Honey!" I'm hooomee! more laughter. The sound of a few women and the barotone laughter of a male. She quickly pulled the apron off. Oh! she sighed I didnt get a chance to clean up! She smoothed her hair and dress with her hands and came out to the livingroom entry. Hullo dear, she said softly. Could you bring some drinks hon? Her husband responded with not much then a glance. She turned away on her heel quickly. She didnt want anyone to see the tears she so acutely felt burning in the corners of her eyes. she could hear the them laughing and talking in the livingroom. She mixed the drinks quickly. Picking up the tray of drinks and snacks she headed for the door of the kitchen. She could seem them sitting on her furniture talking and having a wonderful time. Her husband was speaking to one of the women. Looking her in the eye. She leaned forward saying something softly and then the whole group burst into laughter. The women shook back long blond hair and gave her husband what seemed a very knowing look. Which she could of sworn he returned to the blond woman. Her husband loosened his tie and looked up seeing her in the doorway. Oh hello.... you. Did you bring the drinks? She looked down at the tray in her hand. Oh dear, I forgot something she said , quickly turning back to the kitchen.

She leaned against the counter. Anger and sadness swept through her small frame. She brushed at her eyes. but there were no tears, Just a strange coldness rolling in like a fog, sweeping through her. She walked stiffly to the cabinet beneathe the sink and almost roboticly picked up a box. She mixed the extra ingrediet into the drinks. Smiling a small strange smile she pronounced them perfect. plastering a big smile on her face she picked up the tray , tiltes her head , and set the drinks before her husband and his companions. Thanks hon. he said once more with barely a glance. But then he looked up at her sharply. Are you alright hon? Oh wonderful she smiled, but I think I am going to go poor myself a glass of wine dear. She turned back to the kitchen humming softly. mechanically she opened the bottle of wine and poured herself a healthy dose of red. She could hear strange choking from the livingroom. She sipped her wine smiling and bobbing her head to some tune only she could hear. setting her now empty glass on the cooktop she smoothed her dress and walked her hips swaying gently to the livingoom She pushed the limp form of the blond away from her husband and sat beside him on the sofa. He looked up at her , fear and shock in his quickly glazing eyes. He tried to speak but a frothy foam came from his lips. Oh shh , love she cooed. She kissed him on the forehead. You know how much I love you? she smiled but her eyes were empty.
She pulled him up to a sitting position smoothing the wrinkles from his shirt, she adjusted his tie.

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  1. Holy Crap!! That's awesome! Very Alfred Hitchock/ twilight zone. I love it!