Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tell me about a breakfast you were once priviledged to have (exercise #2)

It was cold. I hadn't slept all night. Hadn't really slept in a week. She was asleep and I was jealous. I kissed her on the lips while she slept. Her lips were so soft and kissable. I crossed the over air-conditioned motel room in to the too small cold bathroom. I turned on the shower and sat on the toilet waiting for it to heat and then just enjoying the warm steam, staring at my face in the quickly fogging mirror. My stomach growled. I had mainly lived on warm pepsi and marlboro cigerettes and a cold day-old piece of pizza scarfed down the night before last. I pushed my now lank damp red hair behind my ear and placed a hand on my soft belly and scoffed at myself. How could I be so damn hungry and fat! I wouldn't complain.
After my shower I opened the door wrapped in one thin itchy motel towel and drying my hair with the other. She was awake fiddling with the cd player our friends had left the night before. She turned on a Gina G. single, Ooh Ah just a little bit! Oooh Ah............. I smiled. She was wearing only a white button up mens shirt, Mine. And looking incredibly sexy. She smiled at me. I'm soooo hungry she moaned. ME TOO! I gasped laughing. We were to be out of the motel by 11:00 and our funds came to about a measly $4.00.
Theres a Denny's around the corner she said. What are we going to get for $4 bucks I thought. But agreed, as she slipped her jeans and tennis shoes on.
Putting my wet hair in one of those messy buns we headed down the busy street and around the corner.
The restuarant smelled soo good bacon and coffee. My stomach growled again. We settled on two coffees and one plate of hash browns to share. I was afraid I would consume the whole plate by accident if I was not careful! The first bite made my mouth hurt. I guess thats from when the saliva glands start working again and there is this sharp sting. I don't believe I'v ever eatten better hash browns.
Strangely enough I'm not even to fond of resturant hashbrowns as they are ofter to oily, soggy ectera. But that day... well you could of fooled me.

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