Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Time You Needed Alcohol Or Chocolate (exercise #4)

I met him one night after work. The girls at the store had invited me out for drinks at a bar down the road. I was newly single. But it didnt feel real.
I sat at the table the girls were laughing drunk taking turns at karaoke. I sat , holding myself up in a pose. Smiling on occasion. Drink after drink. I was being supplied. I looked up and saw him across the room. He was , the type of guy I knew I could only admire, tall ,dark and hansome. I knew I wasn't pretty enough or thin enough. Or really "Enough" at all. So I just took peeks and sipped my drink and continued to smile and pose.
I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned in my seat startled to find him standing behind me. "You want to dance", he asked. My first thought was to blow him off. But I managed a weak "sure". Trying to sound fun and sexy and sure. We danced for a couple songs and I went back to my seat. He came back a while later slipping me his phone number. I was elated. I must be dreaming I thought , or I'm really that drunk.
A couple nights later he came into the store and offered me a ride home after work. The whole evening I wondered if this was for real. He was waiting for me in the parking lot at closing time. I slid into the front seat of his tiny sports car. "Hey", He said "I was wondering if you wanted to go to my house and watch a movie"? Ummm, (I wasn't THAT naive). "Yeah, okay" I said. I was scared. But in that young , free and nothing to lose kind of way, That is exciting and dangerous. I followed him into the house. "You want a drink or anything", he asked? "Yeah some booze would be great", I said laughing. "Okay", he said. "No, its okay", I said quickly. "I have some tequila, how about a sunrise?", You were drinking those at the bar right? , He asked. "Um yeah okay", I said. We took the drinks upstairs , crawled through his bedroom window and sat on the roof drinking and talking until nearly four. Strangely it turned into a wonderful evening. I had really needed this. Connection and the lubricating libation. The beginning of many ends.


  1. Wow - crazy story. Is this real? So what happened with the guy?

  2. Lol Yes.. I'm doing writing exercises with a friend.

    Well we were together for almost two years
    He was (is?) bi-polar so life was pretty intense. but this is the past! thanks for commenting!

  3. I love these excercises. *sigh* I felt like I was there when I read this.