Friday, March 19, 2010

What Have You Tried To Repair (writing excercise #1)

With this question the first thing to come to mind (after visions of me sitting surrounded by radio parts or fixing a toaster, don't ask random things just pop into my head ;o))
was "relationships", and then "ME".
Maybe that says alot there?
I feel I am always trying to put things back together. When they somehow come apart. Usual with romantic relationships, but also with family.friends ectera. I feel relationships are very important and communication even more so. I become desperate almost trying to make "people" understand or "hear".... And when someone doesn't seem to hear or TRY, It seems to me that the relationship, and therefore ME is not important.....
Next, "ME". I start. I'm always "starting". And always letting myself down. I guess because stupidly I feel if no one cares or even notices, whats the point. Dumb.
I start with lists. Lists of "Me", Who I am, What i Want, What I Like, What I Want To DO. On and on.. I love lists :/.
There is one thing I know though... I'll never stop trying to put all the pieces together. Because someday maybe I'll get it all fixed.

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  1. You are important. And I'm grateful you're doing these excercises with me.