Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Years Resolutions;Life Goals & Such

1. Learn to knit

2. Own a house

3. Complete my bedroom sanctuary

4. Find peace

5. Make art

6. Do what makes me happy

7. Salvage friendships

8. Simplify

9. Exercise

10. Find opportunity to give

11. Cook

12. Forgive

13. Love

14. Push Myself harder

15.Help Aeron complete his potty training endeavor

16. Keep a plant alive longer then a year


18. Dream

19. Have more sex

20. Be more connected, to myself as well as others

21. Be Authentic, regardless of everyone else

22.Put nothing off

23. Live Now

24. teach my children well (they will not raise themselves)

25. Be better....

26. Fall in love

27. Look for beauty in EVERY moment and EVERYONE

28. Meditate

29. Build a closer relationship with my daughter
30. Get a tattoo
31. Drink more water
32. Be healthier
33. Lose wieght

To Be Continued..


  1. I love your goals!! It feels so good to dedicate yourself to these big ideals. To finally take control of your life and make it the way you want it!

  2. Thank you for following and taking the time to read my blogs.
    Great post you have here. I need to write my goals down too.