Friday, April 23, 2010

Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Is darkness,night, emptiness
Peace or chaos
Silence waits in random moments
Dreaming ,vibrating
Silence is bright at its best
Silence is hell, if abandoned
Or unwanted

I refuse to own you
I move past you
You will not darken
my sunny days...

Is hard
Or strength
It takes.

You wake me
You clench my insides
Twist me
into knots
Waiting in dark alleys of my mind
amid the forgotten
Laughing callous faces
You tame
Although I try to resist your wiles.

In every breath
I want you desperately
To live in your light
To intangled in your embrace
You are LIFE
Lived fully.

Is red and purple and orange
When playful
On rare occasions,
It is black
when much strength
and sadness
for me
is getting past you
and finding ME

Inner Voice..
You scream
and whisper
Anxiously I listen
I follow
I do I obey?

Inner Voice
Whispers in the trees, rocks me soothing..
It is everywhere
It screams, conjoles
It is tender and wild
Knows my every dream, thought
It brainstorms, plans
opens doors, opens eyes
It wears cashmere and leather
It mirrors my dreams
knows my secrets
It sings, it weeps, it wonders
It dances..
At its worst
it thrashes painfully
Taunting, biting, berating.

3 things that awaken/inspire my innervoice
1 Nature, trees, sky ,water
2 Color/Music
3 Life

My inner Voice tells me to write about these things in my life;
1. My past
2. My future/Change
3. Dreams/Ideas

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  1. I'm starting to read your stuff everyday.It's terribly enjoyable.